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Updated permission (again)

Pablo and Gabe:

Please try posting stuff to the forums. I've updated the permissions again to try to fix the issues Pablo has been having.


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See everyone this coming Friday, 11305.24

There will be a mission this coming Friday.

Hope to see you there! If you cannot be there, please do not forget to send email this evening!


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Mission Postponed on Friday - with explanation!


It was pointed out to me by all the ads on TV and by our erstwhile CO that this coming Friday is a VERY special occasion!

It is the release of the new Star Trek movie Into Darkness premiere!

At least three of us think we might like to see it on opening night, so I am declaring it a mission holiday so that if you all want to see it on opening night, you can! If you like, you can call it "Star Trek Day 2013!" :D

Everyone enjoy the movie!

Gerry Brinkman
SM USS Pandora
NCC 80113

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How to post your pre-launch logs

Navigate to the forum "USS Pandora - Pre-Launch" and then add a new comment - like so:

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Tentative Point System

I'm open to comments on this, folks. I'm implementing everything from Ensign on up at this point.

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Important Links for the USS Pandora

You will be posting your logs (at least initially) to:

You will also be emailing your logs to, and the archive for that email string may be found here:

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Roster is open now for assignment/reassignment!

United Federation of Planets Great Seal


Please create or reinstate your desired character for your spot on the roster. You can find the positions you signed up for here:
Please verify them.

Mission next week will take place in #ST_ACTDShipMissions1, and the OOC is #TheBox. Don't worry about waiting to enter the OOC, it is a registered room and will OP anyone that is supposed to be OP'd.

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New Facebook Group and Page for USS Pandora


I have created two things on Facebook for official vessel use. The first of these is a secret Facebook group for us to communicate with the whole crew quickly. You have all been added to that group, and should have received an email invite to that group. If you have NOT, here is the link for the group:

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I'm getting more and more excited all the time...

Folks, as we get closer to the launch of the USS Pandora, I find myself getting more and more excited!

The new ship is Luna-class, and we need a logo. Anyone with creative talent have a logo they want to suggest?

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And away we go...

I'm so glad we're finally moving forward with this!

I'm so keyed up, I can't hardly contain it!

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New Construction Contract number is now official!

In the beginning, was the number, and the number was two area codes - 613 (Ottawa, Canada) and 937 (Beavercreek, Ohio). It was always meant to be a placeholder, and now the right NCC number has been assigned to the USS Pandora - NCC 80113. According to Star Trek source material, all Luna-class vessels begin with 801xx. This places the USS Pandora as the 13th Luna-class vessel brought into service. (I hope you aren't superstitious. Hm. Yes, I do hope you're superstitious, said the Ship Manager...)

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I'm looking forward to getting this off the ground...

Or out of spacedock, as the saying goes. The USS Pandora, NCC 613937 is now ready to take flight!

Next, we need to finalize the invitation list and send out our email. I'm looking forward to getting the ship underway. I know technical specifications have to be done, but that's going to be an ongoing thing if my conversations with Bob are any indication.

As Larry the Cable Guy says, let's git 'er done!

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If you've reached this page by clicking a link you were sent, you have been invited to play on Star Trek: A Call to Duty's newest vessel, the Luna-class USS Pandora!

Be sure to create yourself an account. One of the administrators will approve your account and you can begin to interact as part of the community.

Thanks for playing!

Gerry Brinkman & Bob Baldwin
Administrators, USS Pandora
NCC 613937

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