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Updated permission (again)

Pablo and Gabe:

Please try posting stuff to the forums. I've updated the permissions again to try to fix the issues Pablo has been having.


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New Facebook Group and Page for USS Pandora


I have created two things on Facebook for official vessel use. The first of these is a secret Facebook group for us to communicate with the whole crew quickly. You have all been added to that group, and should have received an email invite to that group. If you have NOT, here is the link for the group:

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I'm getting more and more excited all the time...

Folks, as we get closer to the launch of the USS Pandora, I find myself getting more and more excited!

The new ship is Luna-class, and we need a logo. Anyone with creative talent have a logo they want to suggest?

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And away we go...

I'm so glad we're finally moving forward with this!

I'm so keyed up, I can't hardly contain it!

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I'm looking forward to getting this off the ground...

Or out of spacedock, as the saying goes. The USS Pandora, NCC 613937 is now ready to take flight!

Next, we need to finalize the invitation list and send out our email. I'm looking forward to getting the ship underway. I know technical specifications have to be done, but that's going to be an ongoing thing if my conversations with Bob are any indication.

As Larry the Cable Guy says, let's git 'er done!

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