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USS Pandora - NCC 80113 Current Roster

Position Rank Character Name Player Name Email
Commanding Officer (CO) Captain John J. Adams Bob Baldwin
Station Commander (SC) (SM) Captain Satok Zul Marek Pablo Delsoglio
Executive Officer (XO) Commander Gaeb Gabriel Marceau
Second Officer (SCD), Lt. Commander Johnny Walker Gerry Brinkman
Diplomatic Officer (DO)
Flight Control Officer (FCO) Lieutenant Jinx Pam Bruyere
Operations Officer (OPS) Lieutenant Kehari Qui Julie Leger
Chief Engineering Officer (CEO) Lieutenant Jaina Marin Jankara Janaye Hinsley
Engineering Officer (EO)
Chief Tactical Officer (CTO) Lt. Commander D'ghor Rustazh Gilles Leger
Tactical Officer (TO) Ensign Ronald Sampson Topper Loghrey
Chief Science Officer (CSO) Lieutenant (JG) Vertan Trix Steve Weller
Counselor (CNS) Ensign C'Triel Nancy Stricker
Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Lieutenant Gloriana Marisol Susan Brinkman
Medical Officer (MO)

If you have an idea of what you want to play and it isn't listed here, contact us! We'll see what we can do!