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USS Pandora Player Guide

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1. Ship Gateway Site

a. The Ship Gateway website may be found at: This site is meant to be a single login place to post your logs, write a blog if you’re so inclined, find the ASDB Techspecs for the ship, and whatnot.

b. As a player, you MUST register for an account so that you can post your logs to the forums and add other content to the site. You can use this link to create your account:

2. Ship Forums

a. The Ship Forums are where we can come together as a community of players on the USS Pandora. There is a place to go crazy and have fun, a place for announcements, and a place to post your logs to the current mission. The Forums can be found here:

b. Logs should be posted in the Missions section under the appropriate Mission Brief. The Missions section may be found here: . Simply pick the appropriate Mission Orders section. These are listed both by Stardate and by Mission Title.

3. Ship Mailstring

a. The address for the ship’s email string is Email your logs after posting them to the appropriate forum. A web archive of the emails sent to this string may be found here:

4. The USS Pandora on Facebook

a. The USS Pandora has two pages on Facebook. The first of these is the USS Pandora Quick Communication group, intended to communicate to all players quickly. It may be found here:
The group is secret, meaning that you must be subscribed to it to see its content.

b. The second page is the official USS Pandora page on Facebook. It is intended to be public-facing, and anyone can post on it. I would appreciate all active players on the roster to keep an eye out for comments and respond appropriately if you have a moment. The page may be found here:

5. The USS Pandora on the ODN site

a. This is in case you have difficulty with the ODN. The direct link to the vessel roster is
You must be logged into the ODN to see the email addresses.